...And So We Dance

WHERE AM I... there was probably 12 cars in the parking lot. I've never been to a theatre like that before. Sonique and I were here to watch the movie "A Ghost Story" A small indy film that only played in fringe theatres like the Cine 8 in East Haven, CT. Nothing like I was expecting, the movie follows the ghost of the lead actor who dies shortly after the movie begins, whoops semi-spoiler? ...Long story short, the movie comes to pose the question, "In a universe where everything will cease to exist does it really matter what we do here and now?" ... As the bright summer sky hit my eyes and I began to fumble for my raybans I was pretty bummed out.  

      As a consummate workaholic that was the last question I wanted to hear. With an extreme sense of self-awareness I decided to pull my camera out of my trunk and shoot... for fun.

...we danced and acted border line psychotic haha...


For a moment.. we embraced that everything might not matter, and even so we can still embrace this moment... each other.... and realized that will always matter.

People, time, laughter, the connection we all share with each other and all things..of course it matters!!!


and for a moment we were reminded that sometimes... we just need to dance