I love having a photoshoot like this. Its as if a few friends wer hanging out and having a good time, & I just happened to have a camera. Jenn & Chaz reminded me a lot of my love and I. Chaz is a natural charmer, with enough life & stories to captivate a room & Jenn a beautiful mother to be, a planner, and a keen observer ot the details.

This is one of my favorite days....




Marian & Dan were college friends of mine & I'm really glad they called me up. They wanted to get some family portraits done but wanted a photographer they knew and were comfortable with & I'm glad they thought of me. Their two little ones were awesome, especially sebastian. He was so full of life & definitely had a mind of his own lol. He ran around and didn't want to hold still for more than 5 seconds for a shot. 

Kids are usually like this but this is the trick. Don't try to get them to do what you want. Play a game they want to play. Once you enter their world its all fun and games! 



Genny & Andrej's Love Story

This summer day was amazing. A beautiful bride, a loving groom, a love story that traveled many years and many countries to come together. There were many beautiful moments to be captured. When I shoot I want to capture all the little details, the smiles, and the love of two individuals and their journey in becoming one.




This new years I took a trip with my lady to DC. To be quite honest it is the first time in quite a while I just took pictures just for the heck of it, & I'm glad I did...

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Katerina & Charle's Love Story

The chemistry between Katerina & Charles was magic. It was those words they shared before saying I do.. To hear how much they meant to each other & how much they have taught each other... they looked into each other and saw forever.

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."

—  Victor Hugo


Eyes Wide Open

When I picked up that Nikon D3200 I had no Idea the journey it was going to take me on. I did not know that my eyes would be open for the first time. That I would begin to see the beauty all around me. That it would bring me closer to the love of my life. That it would allow me to capture moments that matter, and help people be seen at their very best; confident, strong, beautiful.

Photography is a privilege. This is me, Ludwig, I'm a lover, I care a lot about feelings, and making people feel good, I have no apologies about it. We are who are we are. And we should all be seen.